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Download Pocket Tanks Deluxe Cracked [Updated] 2022




50 caliber and 500 .30 caliber cartridges, to your favorite weapon! Pocket Tanks: Deluxe is here! And when I say here, I mean all over! When you purchase a Deluxe copy of Pocket Tanks: Deluxe, you receive the following; 2 additional weapons and a new camouflage paint pattern for each weapon The following additional content; New Grenade New Map New Emote As the first print run of Pocket Tanks: Deluxe sold out so quickly, we decided to do a second print run of the game, and released a brand new version of Pocket Tanks: Deluxe, to replace the first print. The second print run, like the first print, came with the following; Also, as a special bonus, all backers who pre-ordered the game through BackerKit, and got the game for free, will be receiving the ultimate version of Pocket Tanks; The deluxe edition of Pocket Tanks: Deluxe! And this deluxe edition will include the following; 3 additional weapons and a new camouflage paint pattern for each weapon 2 new maps 4 new emotes If you were among the first backers of Pocket Tanks: Deluxe, you can still get your hands on the original version of the game, which will be available for sale in BackerKit, so we can give it out to those of you who have been with us from the very beginning! Lastly, we've set up a special campaign in BackerKit, where we are giving away one of every weapon in the game! The first person to raise the most money on this campaign will get to choose from any of the weapons in Pocket Tanks: Deluxe! There are a limited number of weapons to go around, so if you are into history, you will want to make sure you act fast! In summary, we have a brand new print of Pocket Tanks: Deluxe available, coming with a brand new set of weapons, and of course, the new content that is included with the Deluxe version! You can get a hold of both versions of Pocket Tanks: Deluxe through BackerKit! And as a special thank you to all of our backers who have helped make Pocket Tanks: Deluxe what it is today, we have a brand new exclusive community map



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Download Pocket Tanks Deluxe Cracked [Updated] 2022

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